Come join us at the Children’s Garden!

Wednesday, August 31st 5:30 – 7:30pm at the Ithaca Children’s Garden* Please join the Cancer Resource Center and the Ithaca Children’s Garden staff or games, activities, and more (including some great ..

Cinemapolis & CRCFL team up once again!

Don’t miss it, the show is closing Thursday! Mention the Cancer Resource Center when going to see Miss Sharon Jones, and get a member discount on your ticket purchase!  ..

Thank you, Bombers!

The Ithaca Women’s Volleyball Team is volunteered at CRC; painting, weeding, cleaning, and writing cards to some of our clients...

Janet and David Pierce

Janet, who has been diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer, and David, her husband and caregiver, were kind enough to brave a rainstorm for our conversation on an otherwise quiet Sunday morning. In May 2010, Janet found a..

Help with yard signs

The 22nd Annual Cancer Resource Center’s Walkathon & 5K Run is around the corner (10/22/16) & we need YOUR help to promote it! If you would be willing to have a yard sign placed in front of your house from mi..

One take on nontraditional cancer therapies

People often fall into two camps regarding the usefulness of nontraditional cancer therapies. Some people are irrationally exuberant in their support of these therapies: “This dandelion soup is going to cure my cancer!..