Advocacy for our Clients

The Cancer Resource Center’s primary focus is assisting individuals affected by cancer. Advocacy on behalf of these individuals is fundamental to the organization’s mission.

Advocacy for Broader Issues

Issues of broader concern are often brought for our consideration from a variety of sources including, but not limited to:

  • organizations or members of the public who encourage us to take a public position on a matter by signing a letter of support or petition;
  • affiliated organizations that request that our organization support their legislative agendas; and,
  • clients or others associated with our organization who have an interest in a particular issue and want to involve the broader organization in some way.

Since we receive many requests for support, it is our policy to be judicious in becoming involved with broader issues. Specifically, we ask:

  • Does the issue fit within the CRCFL’s mission?
  • Does advocating for the issue benefit CRCFL and its clients, and,
  • Could advocating for the issue diminish CRCFL’s ability to provide assistance to clients?

Communications regarding advocacy should be directed to 277-0960 or