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An innovative program connects the clients of the Cancer Resource Center and doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows engaged in cancer research at Cornell University.  Seminars are led by students about a current topic in cancer research.  Presentations are in lay language and attendees are encouraged to ask questions that clarify basic concepts.

Fall 2018 Updates

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Click here to see the class syllabus for Spring 2018.

Read more about the collaboration:

Beginning in Spring 2016 and with the support of the Engaged Cornell Initiative, the collaboration expanded and is serving as the foundation for a Graduate Certificate of Engagement in Public Communication of Science and Technology.

A second component of the collaboration integrates doctoral students in the basic sciences into our support groups. It’s not a one-time visit – the students participate for months and become friends with group members.

The comments of one student captures the value of the interaction:

Being involved with support groups at the Cancer Resource Center has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience for me in many ways. As a researcher, my primary experience with cancer is a disease that I want to understand better through laboratory experiments. The interaction with survivors and patients has been invaluable in offering me a completely different perspective. Through the support group, I have been able to experience and apprehend the pain, struggle, uncertainty and fear associated with cancer, but I have also witnessed the strength and determination of many survivors first hand. With this experience, the disease has evolved from a biological problem on a lab bench to something much more personal and emotional on many levels. At the same time, the people I interacted inspired me to continue my work professionally, but in many ways personally also. The sessions have made me aware of the effect of cancer not just on the patients, but also on their future and their family.

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