How can the Cancer Resource Center help me?

We listen, we comfort, and we share. We don’t give medical advice. Rather, we help you to understand what is happening and help you make more informed decisions. We also identify resources and offer referrals that might help you. To see all of our services, click here.

I have a friend with cancer. If I give you her telephone number, will you call her?

You should encourage your friend to contact us. It’s partly a matter of confidentiality. We can’t assume that your friend wants anyone, including the Cancer Resource Center, to know about her diagnosis. Beyond that, everyone approaches cancer in her own way and on her own timetable.

If your friend is reluctant to call herself, CRCFL can provide you with material which you can then pass along to her.

Can you help my out-of-town relative with cancer?

Many people come to us because they want to help their mothers, fathers, siblings and others who live out of town. We’re happy to offer you whatever assistance we can, including identifying cancer support organizations where they live. We’ll also help you understand cancer and how you can be of assistance to your relative.

 Where are you located?

612 West State St., Ithaca (just west of Meadow St./Rt. 13). We’re between the new Elmira Savings Bank and the Rescue Mission. For a map, click here

Do you receive funding from national cancer organizations?

For the most part, no. We have never received financial support from the American Cancer Society. We sometimes receive grants from the Komen for the Cure (Twin Tiers Chapter) in support of our breast cancer programs, but that funding changes from year-to-year.