Financial Advocacy

We know that cancer is a health issue. It can also be a financial issue. The link between a cancer diagnosis and financial stress is real. Recent studies have shown that the financial stress caused by cancer can negatively impact a person’s health and their treatment outcomes. The term for this impact is called Financial Toxicity. While articles like the ones below describe the negative impacts of financial toxicity, they do little to address the problem:

National Cancer Institute Bulletin on Financial Toxicity and Cancer

NPR story on Effects of Cancer’s Financial Burden

Medscape Article on Financial Toxicity

That’s where our Financial Advocates come in. The Cancer Resource Center has a dedicated group of volunteers who help our clients address their financial concerns so that they can focus on healing.

If you or a loved one has cancer, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with medical bills, insurance issues, or “lack of insurance” issues. Our volunteers can give you a hand. They can help with:

  • Organizing your bills and insurance statement
  • Identifying resources that might help with some medical bills and/or living expenses
  • Appealing denials from insurance companies

To schedule an appointment, call 277-0960 or email

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