Services (Overview)

A snapshot of what we do:

One to One Assistance

This is our most fundamental and important service. Every cancer and every situation is different.
We know that you’re an individual, and we want to connect with you.

We do this at our main office, at Cayuga Medical Center, and we make house calls. We also answer questions by phone, by e-mail and through our website.

Available to anyone: patients, survivors, family members, friends, professionals.

Information, Emotional Support, Problem Solving

  • Listening
  • Guidance to local and national resources
  • Research assistance (understanding their cancer, understanding their treatment options)
  • Organizing notebooks
  • Preparation for physician appointments
  • Sit in on physician appointments
  • Connection to other survivors, including our Peer to Peer Program

CRC Cares about Kids:
Provides support to families affected by cancer including:


  • Financial Advocates: Trained volunteers who help clients organize and prioritize their paperwork, identify resources, fill out forms, etc.
  • Angel Fund: Used for emergency needs, e.g., for pain medication, sperm-banking, etc. (Typically $100 – $200). Restricted to residents of Tompkins and adjacent counties.
  • Just a Little Breathing Space: $25 Gift Cards that can be used for gas, food, pharmacy, etc. (Note: not designed for on-going support. Only one card per patient). Restricted to residents of Tompkins and adjacent counties.


  • Cornell Campus to Campus Bus: provides free trips to patients and a support companion going to NYC when seats are available.
  • Occasional, last-minute rides for patients when no other resource is available. (Usually done by CRC staff)


  • Free wigs, hats, scarves, mastectomy bras, etc.


  • A free confidential service that connects anyone with cancer to another person whose experiences with cancer are similar.

Friendly Correspondence Program

  • Community members and students at Cornell and Ithaca College write “thinking of you” cards to clients who are socially isolated or who would otherwise benefit.

Check-in Phone Calls

  • A volunteer makes weekly calls to clients who welcome a check-in.

Nutritional Supplements Closet

  • We accept donations of nutritional supplements (e.g., Ensure, Jevity) and get them into the hands on individuals who can use them.

Gentle Yoga Class

  • Meets every Tuesday from 9:30 – 11:00 am at Island Health. Taught by Nick Boyar. Funded by the Cancer Resource Center


Water Exercise Class

  • We offer three 6-week water exercise classes during the year at Island Health and Fitness. Taught by Judy Urban.

Collaboration with Cornell Researchers

  • A unique collaboration between CRC and cancer researchers in the basic sciences at Cornell. Every month, a doctoral student presents, in lay language, a seminar on a current topic in cancer research. CRC clients, grad students, post-doctoral fellows, undergrads, faculty, and the public attend. (It meets the second Wednesday of each month from 5:15 – 6:45 pm at the Cornell Vet School).
  • In addition, a few doctoral students become regular participants in some of our support groups.

Annual Retreats for Women and for Women

  • Each spring, we host a day-long retreat for women with cancer, and a separate retreat for men with cancer. The women’s retreats are usually held at LaTourelle Spa while the men head out for an “adventure” (e.g., a baseball game in Syracuse).

Support Groups

  • Click “Support Groups” link to learn about the many groups we host at CRC.

Community Education and Resources

Cancer Resource Center Website

Easy access to useful resources:

  • Individual pages for specific cancers
  • Cancer information in multiple languages
  • Helpful travel information
  • Compilation of local resources

Monthly E-news

  • Has become the cancer “newsletter” for Tompkins County. Close to 9,000 recipients. Upcoming events, programs.

Guide to Cancer Support Services

Survivorship Booklet

Cancer Connections Column from the Ithaca Journal (prior to 2018)

Community Education

  • Presentations in schools, workplaces, and other venues. Often helping a group understand how to help a co-worker (or fellow student) with cancer.

Lending Library

  • An 800 volume lending library of resources on cancer, health and wellness. Open to the public.

Cancer Resource Room at Cayuga Medical Center

  • CRC recruits, trains, supervises and schedules volunteers who staff the Resource Room at CMC and who otherwise provide support to cancer patients and their families.