Conselhos Para Aqueles Diagnosticados

Os primeiros dias depois de ser diagnosticados com câncer é como se transportar num trem em movimento. Você está à mãos do trem e não pode ver o que está em frente. A pesar de que cada situação é diferente, isto é o que eu recomendo geralmente. Concentre-se num passo de cada vês. Se você

If you get Cancer

If you get cancer I hope you have the good fortune of having a sister-in-law like mine Because when you feel discouraged she will be there On one of the more terrifying days just throw open the windows plop down on the sofa pick up the phone and listen to one of the messages that

The Grace Walk

The Grace Walk By Robin Schoenthaler, MD Over time she’s become accustomed, in a bemused sort of way, to the slam-shut silence that descends when she mentions to new acquaintances that she’s an oncologist. It seems it’s an occupational hazard for a lot of physicians; certainly gastroenterologists and urologists come in for it, too. It’s

Margaret Stephens Coe

The phone rings I check caller ID Is this the call I dread? Will I hear what my mammogram read? A biopsy is ordered to check the spot Oh Dear God, what have I got? Tests – sonograms. bone scan, and MRI A small tumor is found but hasn’t gone far The surgeon tells me

Erma and Dixie

In honor of women’s history month and in memory of Erma Bombeck who lost her fight with cancer. IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER – by Erma Bombeck (written after she found out she was dying from cancer). I HAVE THE CHANCE TO LIVE MY LIFE EVERY DAY – by Dixie Negley (written by Dixie

My Ovarian Cancer Story

Alice Stone wrote this story for a program called Survivors Teaching Students which is organized by the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. Each month a group of ovarian cancer survivors meet with 3rd year medical students doing their OB/GYN rotation and present the story of our diagnosis and treatment, with an emphasis on symptoms and risk

Only a Word

The word Cancer has a difficult burden to bear. It is a word that carries tremendous meaning for many people. It has been cried over, scoffed at, screamed about, and blamed. It is used to describe our worst nightmares and our most horrendous realities. It has the weight of hundreds of peoples’ sorrow, and the

When you go to Sloan Kettering

When you go to Sloan Kettering armed with books and articles that fill your heart with dread after a long and little bit frightening trip on the bus and a somewhat nerve wrecking ride in the very difficult to catch cab make sure you stop at sixty sixth and second Say hello to the man

Swimming in the Warm Pool

Do you remember the first time you walked past a mirror and were startled from the shock of your own beauty? You didn’t mind at all accepting the gifts the Gods had given Taking credit for the strength and stride of those cruel powers The world became your lover Never alone, but walled within, You

Ask for Karen

If your best friend of forty plus years has the loving idea to buy you a massage at the Chelsea Pier Fitness Center in New York City on 19th Street and 7th Avenue Be sure to ask for Karen Though a tiny little thing, she will give you a very strong massage making sure to

Hope is There

Hope is that sliver That glimmer That string to grab onto No matter how deep you may sink There is always hope Even in the darkest of places There is hope When the skies are so very dark And so are the depths of your heart Hope is there When the sun won’t come out

The Rear View Mirror

Met a woman recently starting her own journey The look in her eyes has haunted me She touched me in a mysterious and unexplained way My heart aches for her as she finds her own way Her face, the fear she was trying to hide Reminded me of me and brought tears to my eyes

Like a Sister

100% genuine and real Always kind and sincere Honest to the core Loyal forever more Lingering there in the shadows Doesn’t know how to say no Helps anyone in need Hides behind the scenes Gives every project all her undivided attention Often into the wee hours of the night again and again Quick with heartfelt

Karen Fries

Karen with her husband, Bob Deciding to accept the things that cannot be changed and to change the things I can, I am taking the bull by the horns and finding all the good there is to find when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Don’t get me wrong, a cancer diagnosis totally sucks and it

I Will Survive

Life doesn’t always go the way I plan It may lead me down a different road But that is not necessarily a bad thing For on this journey I am never alone Cancer is only a two syllable word but it’s one of the scariest I know I feel my world shattering all around me


Just a normal Monday night Heard the doctor’s voice as I answered the phone I’m so sorry to have to tell you this My husband took the phone Collapsed to the floor in disbelief Endless tears All the air sucked out of me Anger at God Body wracking sobs Strong arms wrapped around me My


With faith all things are possible Faith is taking that next step even though I can’t see it Faith is knowing I am on the right path Even if it’s a path I would not have chosen Faith is knowing there is still good in this world And it’s worth fighting for Faith is the

The Pink Badge of Courage

What is courage? Is going into a burning building to rescue a child courageous? Is never letting anyone see me cry courageous? Maybe courage is taking that next step without knowing where my feet will land. Maybe it is waking up every day and walking out the door to face the world. It could be


Cancer didn’t sneak up on me quietly and slowly Cancer crash landed in my life like a hurricane blowing One day everything was normal and fine The next day I was fighting father time My life was falling apart before my eyes The fear of the unknown did nothing but paralyze Life isn’t easy trying

Returning from the Edge

Returning from the Edge of a Breakdown I have always believed that a mental breakdown only happened to those who are weak. A loss of sanity wasn’t possible for “normal” people like me. I have learned on this journey that anything is possible, regardless of one’s beliefs. I have also learned that no one could


Over the course of my long cancer journey I have crossed paths with so many wonderful people who have helped take care of meThank you will never seem like it is enough But I will try to thank everyone even though it may be toughGod, thank You for Your love and faith in me And

What Cancer Cannot Do

What Cancer Cannot Do Cancer cannot shake our faith in God Cannot stop our prayers Cancer cannot crush the human spirit Cannot take our will to live Cancer cannot weaken the bonds of love Cannot make love fail Cancer cannot make us surrender Cannot make us give up the fight Cancer cannot take our hope

What Cancer Can Do

What Cancer Can Do Cancer can renew our faith in God Renew our faith in our fellow man Cancer can unite a family Unite a community Cancer can bring forgiveness Bring kindness to one another Cancer can teach us to appreciate all the little things Bring out the best in people Cancer can teach patience

Dear God…PS

Dear God, thank you once again for all of Your blessings For infusing me with a life force that has no rearview mirror For Your guidance as I navigated all the turns For gently nudging me along when I lost my way For being there through and over each obstacle Without letting me fall off

The Scare

A year ago, as I turned 42, life was fairly ordinary and routine. I didn’t have any major worries, my family was healthy with only the usual aches and pains, and I didn’t think much about turning another year older. Looking back, that ordinary, routine life was something that most of us, including myself, take

The Words I Hear

I could not think of the right words to say When I got the sad news today My sister lost her best friend She stayed by her side until the very end I told her how sorry I was for her loss And I love you so very much I believe there is a reason

Dear God

I don’t think I have ever thanked You For giving me the strength I need to get through The courage to face every one of my fears And keeping my loved ones safe and near Showing me what a little faith can do And listening to my prayers when I am talking to You Answering

Kerry Quinn

Welcome everyone to our 2012 annual meeting celebration: I see community members, colleagues and clients..friends of Cancer Resource Center and mine. I am Kerry Quinn, Director of Client Services, and I’m proud to be part of the work of this organization and get to work with so many wonderful people. My colleagues, volunteers, clients and

Visible Hope: A Portrait of Lisa Camilli

Visible Hope: A Portrait of Lisa Camilli Keely Sawyer Soft classic rock music plays overhead as you walk across the black and white plastic tiled floor. Wide display windows light up the potted plants and wooden chairs nestled together to form the front seating area where a checkerboard waits for players beneath a grayscale painting

Come On In – the Water’s Great!

Gripping the railing, I slowly eased into the warm water pool at Island Health and Fitness on 310 Taughannock Blvd. Six people were already splashing around comfortably socializing with one another as they waited for the start of the Cancer Resource Center’s Saturday morning water aerobic course. As more classmates arrived, and instructor Judy Urban

Cornelia Rea

Could you briefly describe your cancer and its treatment? I had squamous cell carcinoma of the upper tongue on the left side. It was stage 2. Just as a (sort of) side note about why my treatment and recovery was not “normal” is that I actually was diagnosed almost simultaneously with two different cancers. Two

Monty Berman

Walking into Greenstar, I had no idea what an interesting, strong, passionate individual I was about to meet. Monty Berman, the writer, is someone who I deeply admire. His cancer is not something he uses as one of his major defining factors, and it was wonderful to see such strength in his eyes and spirit.

Marty Kaplan

Martin Kaplan, or “Marty,” is a sometimes resident of Ithaca and a member of the Friday morning “Men’s Breakfast Club.” For most of the year, he lives in Raleigh, North Carolina enjoying the warm temperatures with his wife of 48 years, Adele. But in the summers they live in Ithaca and sublet an apartment to

Bob Riter

I first noticed a small lump under my left nipple when scratching my chest one summer night. I wasn’t especially concerned until a few weeks later when I realized that there was blood coming out of that nipple. My first reaction was more surprise than worry. I never knew that my nipple had any plumbing

Skip Hewitt

In the fall of 2004 I was diagnosed with Leukemia. I was absolutely devastated at this point in time. They gave me 7 years to live. In hearing this, I decided to take early retirement. Well, sitting here today I guess I’ve beat the 7 years they predicted. I went through chemotherapy until April 2005.

Jeffrey Andersen

It was August, 1995 and I was living in Scotia, NY, with my wife and 3 kids. I started feeling tired and I wasn’t eating as much. It got so bad that I could not even keep water down. I would get dehydrated, causing me to get taken down to the Emergency Room where I

Rit Galucci

I always thought that I took really good care of myself. I would always touch base with my doctor when I felt it necessary to do so, always scheduled my yearly physical and then made sure I went in on the set date, and just tried to do everything I thought a man of my