Managing Side Effects

Everyone worries about the potential side effects of cancer treatment. While some problems – like fatigue – are nearly universal, others vary widely from one person to the next. Here are some resources to help.

General Information

MacMillan Cancer Support (Great Britain): Cancer Symptoms and Side Effects
American Cancer Society: Managing Side Effects of Treatment Treatment Side Effects
American Occupational Therapy Association: The Role of Occupational Therapy in Oncology


Cleveland Clinic: Cancer-Related Fatigue
New York Times: The Many Shades of Cancer Fatigue
National Cancer Institute: Causes of Fatigue in Cancer Patient


ASCO: Managing Cancer-Related Pain

Hair Loss

Chemo and Hair Loss: What to Expect During Treatment (Mayo Clinic)
MacMillan Cancer Support (Great Britain): Coping with Hair Loss Hair, Skin and Nails

Weight Gain & Loss

MacMillan Cancer Support (Great Britain): Eating Well
Royal Marsden Hospital: Eating Well When You Have Cancer
Mayo Clinic: Tips to Make Food Tastier During Cancer Treatment
American Cancer Society: Nutrition for the Person with Cancer
University of Michigan: Managing Eating Problems

Cancer Related Diarrhea

Cancer-Related Diarrhea

Mouth Problems

MacMillan Cancer Support: Mouth Problems
Mayo Clinic: Mouth sores caused by cancer treatment


American Cancer Society: Peripheral Neuropathy caused by Chemotherapy
MacMillan Cancer Support: Peripheral Neuropathy


Medline Plus: Lymphedema Lymphedema
MacMillan Cancer Support: Lymphoedema
National Lymphedema Network

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