Cancer Research Seminar (CRC/CU Collaboration)


We’re happy to unveil our new Website  & Facebook page!

There are sections targeted to community members and students, and one that encourages the development of partnerships in other communities.

There’s also a twitter feed that highlights news that we think will be of interest to cancer researchers and the patient community.

We”ll continue to add new content. In particular, we want to add profiles of many of our participants – both trainees and community members.


Each spring, we’ll offer our class, Cancer Research Presentations and Discussions – BIOMS 5665. It will take place on Wednesdays from 5:15 – 6:30. It’s a one-credit class for students, but community members are welcome – and encouraged – to attend any session that interests them. This year, we will devote several class sessions to specific cancers – one on prostate cancer, one on breast cancer, etc., and will include presentations by clinicians as well as researchers.