Single With Cancer

For a day or two following chemotherapy, most people camp out on the couch and do nothing more strenuous than watch tv or flip through magazines. Loved ones bring glasses of water, cups of tea, and small snacks to lift the patient’s spirits and provide nourishment. If you’re single, going through cancer treatment can be

Partners In Denial

I recently spoke with a woman who was stressed because her husband has cancer and he seemed to be in denial over the seriousness of his situation. What was especially upsetting to her was that he didn’t want to address any end of life issues like drafting a will. I’ve been mulling this over ever

Telling the Parents

I’ve seen many resources that provide advice on how to tell your children that you have cancer.  But what about the other generation – your parents?  Family relationships are sometimes complicated, so I don’t presume to know what’s best for you and your family, but some guidelines might be helpful. In general, it’s a good