Cornell Cancer Partnership – Fall 2018

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Here’s an update on our Fall Activities. In particular, note the “Primer Talk” before Dr. Massagué’s guest lecture on Sept. 18. In addition, note the activities we’ve lined up for our local Biden Cancer Summit. Finally, I’ve outlined our monthly seminars for the rest of the semester, including the session in which cancer patients, survivors, and loved ones share their experiences with students. Suggestions and comments are always welcome! (Email Bob)

Biden Cancer Community Summit
Friday, Sept. 21

Please join us for any of three local sessions designed to connect cancer scientists and members of our community.

8-9 am. Royal Court Restaurant. (Across from Wegmans). Doctoral students Joe Druso and Elizabeth Moore will join the regular meeting of the Men’s Breakfast Club to highlight the evolution of chemotherapy and cancer treatment in general. This is an informal question and answer session over breakfast. Everyone is welcome – men and women – to join us!

11:15 – 12:15 Cancer Resource Center. Dr. Timothy Pierpont (a terrific postdoc who’s been involved in our collaboration for years) and doctoral student Regan Stephenson will discuss the hot topic of cancer immunotherapy. Bring your questions!

3:00 – 4:00 Cancer Resource Center. “Ask a Cancer Scientist.” Dr. Kelly Hume, a researcher and practicing veterinarian oncologist at Cornell, will be available to answer questions about cancer research. Stop by, say hello, and ask the questions you’ve been wondering about.

All three sessions are open to the public.

Patients and Family Members Share their Experiences with Students
Wednesday, Oct. 10, 5:15 – 6:30. Vet School, Classroom 6.

This is the annual session in which we share our experiences with students, especially new graduate students at Cornell who are interested in cancer research. It’s perhaps the most meaningful session of the year and has a lasting impact on the students. Here’s how a reporter covered this session a few years ago.

Note: Bob is looking for volunteers to speak at this. First-timers are especially encouraged! Please email

How does Research Happen? 
Wednesday, Nov. 7, 5:15 – 6:30 (Location TBA)

How does a cancer scientist take an idea and turn it into a project? How do you obtain funding? How do you set up a lab? What happens behind the scenes? Cornell Professors Bob Weiss and Claudia Fischbach will share their experiences and perspectives.

Lab Tours and Research Methods
Wednesday, Dec. 5, 5:15 – 6:30 (Location TBA)

We’re arranging tours of some labs and a chance to learn about the concepts we hear about in many of our seminars. For example, what’s a cell line? What’s a mouse model? An organoid? (Watch for more details).


Are you on Twitter? If so, use the hashtag #cornellcancerpartnership.  There’s a growing number of us who are interested in the intersection of cancer science and the broader cancer community.

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