Getting to the Walkathon/5K Run

This info is not guaranteed, please double check!
Estimates based on the distance between
Tompkins County Public Library to Cass Park:


TCAT Bus (Route 21)

Phone: (607) 277-7433 (Monday – Friday from 8am-5pm)
Website:  Fare $1.50
Board at 7:47 am at the Ithaca Commons stop on Seneca Street
Arrive at the Seneca Street stop at Fulton/Greenstar at 7:52 am


Taxi Cabs (Fare about $10 per person one way)

ASAP Cab Co. (607) 272-7222
Collegetown Cab Inc (607) 588-8888
Green Hornet Taxi (607) 280-3779
Ithaca Dispatch (607) 277-7777
University Taxi (607) 272-3333


Lyft (Fare about $10-13 per person one way)
Uber (Fare about $8-11 per person one way)


By Foot

30 minute walk from Tompkins County Public Library to Cass Park
Click here for a Google map



The parking lots immediately surrounding the event will close when full, and not open again until 11am. Please do not park in these areas if you need to leave the event early. Parking is limited, so please carpool or use one of these other ways of getting there.

Accessible parking spots are located in the Children’s Garden lot as well as the lot next to the ball fields. If you need to drop someone off closer to the event site, please do so before 9am.