Free Medical & Nutritional Supplies

Medical Supplies

If you require nutritional supplements such as Ensure or Glucerna but have difficulty paying for them, you may qualify for assistance from the manufacturers of these products. A clearinghouse for these programs is the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. (888-477-2669)

The Oley Foundation is a good resource for tube feeding supplies. (518-262-2230)

CRC is ONLY accepting nutritional beverage donations (Boost, Ensure, etc.), not medical supplies.
However, we do have the following available:

  • 13 Salter Labs Ref 2050 Oxygen Tubing
  • 3 Hudson RCI Nasal Cannula Without Tubbing
  • 3  Hudson RCI Disposable Humidifier High Flow container
  • 15 Heparin Cath Care Covidien 100.00 U/ML  5.00ML
  • 7 NACL 0.9% Flush Covidien 10.00ML

Here are some possible local resources to donate your supplies to:

TST BOCES Nursing School: Frances Horner <>


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