Free Medical & Nutritional Supplies

Medical Supplies available from CRC

We sometimes receive medical supplies or cases of a nutrient supplement (usually Jevity) from cancer patients who are no longer using them. We appreciate receiving these generous donations and would like to get them into the hands of individuals who can use them (you do not have to have cancer to take them.)

Please leave a message at or 277-0960 if you have any questions, are interested in any of these items or have supplies that you would like to donate. Pick-up is preferred, but sometimes we are able to mail or deliver.

If you require nutritional supplements such as Ensure or Glucerna but have difficulty paying for them, you may qualify for assistance from the manufacturers of these products. A clearinghouse for these programs is the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. (888-477-2669)

The Oley Foundation is a good resource for tube feeding supplies. (518-262-2230)

We have a super juicer available for loan. Contact if interested.

Medical supplies available at this time:

  • 6 cases + 19 units  (30/case) AMSINO Piston Irrigation Syringe (60ml),  Item #AS116
  • 22 units (1200ml) Enteralite Infinity (MOOG), Pump Delivery Set,  Ref: INF1200A
  • 17 units Kangaroo Gravity Feeding Bag (by Covidien),  (1000ml) Ref # 8884702500103 Suppository applicators
  • 103 Suppository applicators
  • 1     Q cap 13 mm vial adapter
  • 4     Optifoam Gentle Lite Wound Dressings, 4×4
  • 1     Calmoseptine ointment, 4 oz tube
  • 1     Cavilon No Sting Barrier Film, 28 ml bottle
  • 2     Magnesium citrate oral solution, cherry flavor, 10 oz bottle
  • 2     Magnesium citrate oral solution, lemon flavor, 10 oz bottle


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