Free Medical & Nutritional Supplies

Medical Supplies available from CRC

We sometimes receive medical supplies or cases of a nutrient supplement (usually Jevity) from cancer patients who are no longer using them. We appreciate receiving these generous donations and would like to get them into the hands of individuals who can use them.

Please leave a message at or 277-0960 if you have any questions, are interested in any of these items or have supplies that you would like to donate. Pick-up is preferred, but sometimes we are able to mail or deliver.

If you require nutritional supplements such as Ensure or Glucerna but have difficulty paying for them, you may qualify for assistance from the manufacturers of these products. A clearinghouse for these programs is the Partnership for Prescription Assistance. (888-477-2669).

Supplies Available as of March 2017
25 large adult pull ups
29 Kangaroo- Emump Set. 1000ml. Esemble Epump
1 box of 30 Kangaroo- Emump Set. 1000ml. Esemble Epump
1 box 50 sponges (4×4)  T-Drain Sponges
3 Dressing Change Tray Order: MSDC-014702 (Med Stream)
1 Box of Alcohol Prep. 2 Ply, Medium Ref 6818
3 Bags of 92″ Flow Regulator IV Set. Product No MS750E  (Med Stream)
3 Huber Needle Set. 22G x 0.75 in Ref LH-0029
3 Needle less connector. Ref MP 1000 (Care Fusion)
9 Sodium Chloride 0.9% 10ml Flush
5 Heparin Flush 100Units/ML 5ML Flush
3 Sodium Chloride 1000ml Bag
15 Skin Barriers REF 14703
1 IV Pole
2 Male plastic urinals
1 Inhalator Aerosol (Symbicort)
1 Procare Item 79-89047 10″ Abdominal Binder
1 Boxes of Split Sponges
10 Amsino Amsure The Pole-Syringe
6 gauze tapes
3 Lemon Glyrerin pre-moistened, single use SWABSTICKS (3 in each packet)
1 box Depend for Men Shields
30 Assurance Extra Large underpants
1 box of 16 Small underwear for men or women
1 Box of Medium Overnight Disposable Absorbent Underwear
13 packages (24 in each package) Clucerna 1.5 CAL Vanilla Nutrition for Enhanced Clycemic Control
1 package with 13 Clucerna 1.5 CAL Vanilla Nutrition for Enhanced Clycemic Control
4 boxes of Jevity 1.2 CAL High Protein with fiber. 8fl oz. (Each box contains 3 packages of 24 8floz each. Total 72 /per box)
1 package with 16 Jevity 1.2 CAL High Protein with fiber. 8fl oz

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