Support Groups

Connecting with others who have or have had cancer is often helpful. Some people come for information, some for support, and others for a sense of community. All of our groups have different personalities. Please call us at 277-0960 to learn which group might be best for you.

All groups are at CRCFL, 612 W. State St., unless otherwise noted.

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Men’s Breakfast Club

Meets every Friday 8-9am at the Royal Court Restaurant.
For men with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.

Women’s Wednesday Group

Meets every Wednesday 1-2pm.
For women with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.
Light refreshments provided.

Women’s Friday Group

Meets every Friday 12-2pm.
For women with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.
Light lunch provided.

Living Well with Cancer Workshop (co-sponsored by Cayuga Medical Center)

Meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month 5:30-7pm at CRC
A monthly educational program on a topic related to cancer &/or general well-being.
Open to the public. Light refreshments provided.

Pat’s Group: Living with Cancer as a Chronic Disease

Meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month 12-1:30pm.
For people with more advanced cancers. Caregivers welcome.
Light lunch provided.

Caregiver Group

Meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month 5:30-7pm.
Open to family, friends, and caregivers of those with cancer.
Light refreshments provided.

Beth’s Group (Young Adult)

Meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month 5:30-7pm.
For people under 50 with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.
Partners welcome. Light dinner provided.
(4th Tuesday: CRC cares about kids: supervised play for children of group members.)

Prostate Group

Meets the 2nd Thursday of each month 5:30-7pm.
Offers support, education programs and discussions related to prostate cancer.  Open to men & their caregivers.
(Men with prostate cancer are encouraged to attend the Friday Men’s Breakfast Club as well.)
Light refreshments provided.

Colorectal Group

Meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month 5:30-7pm.
For people with any type of colorectal cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.
Light refreshments provided.

​Lymphedema Group

Meets the 5th Tuesday of each month 5:30-7​pm (2019:  ​4/30, ​7/30 ​& ​10/29)
For people affected by lymphedema.   Light refreshments provided.

Cornell Cancer Support Group (co-sponsored by Cornell Work/Life)

Meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month 12-1pm at 321 Weill Hall, Cornell.
Open to faculty, staff, students and retirees with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment or recovery.
An opportunity to meet one another, create a community of support, and learn about the resources available on campus and in Ithaca.
For more info: Monica Vakiner or Bob Riter


For more information about any of the above groups, call us at 277-0960.

Bald Girls Get Together (Tioga County)

A group for women with cancer that meets in Owego, NY. For more information, contact  Kate Whittemore at

Online Support Groups

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of online support groups that serve all cancers, specific cancers, and specific situations. Here is just a sampling:

For more options, search online for “online cancer support” or “online breast cancer support” etc.

Also of interest:

Peer to Peer

A free confidential service that connects patients and caregivers with mentors who provide the perspective of “someone who’s been there.” Open to all patients and caregivers touched by any type of cancer. Visit the Peer to Peer page or call our office at 277-0960 for more information.

Gentle Yoga class

Meets on Tuesdays 9:30-11:00 am at Island Health & Fitness. A blend of stretching, relaxation, healing visualization, and meditation in a supportive group environment. For more information, contact instructor Nick Boyar at 607-279-4769 or The class is offered free of charge to those with cancer.

Cancer Research Seminar

Meets every Wednesday 5:15-6:30pm at Cornell Vet School Classroom 6 (free parking after 5pm). Join with Cornell doctoral students engaged in cancer research and those directly touched by cancer for a discussion about the science of cancer (presented in lay language). Click here for more information, or contact Bob Riter at Open to the public. Light refreshments provided. #CornellCancerPartnership #CancerResearchSeminar

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