Wig Care

Wigs are formed on an open-weave mesh that allows for ventilation. They are fitted with adjustable tapes along the temple, with elastic and Velcro around the ears. They wash easily (every two weeks is recommended) and you can set them with sprays or gels.

Do not try to dry them with a hair dryer or curling iron. Heat can soften the glue and cause the wig to lose its shape. In addition, be careful when you’re cooking. Some women have been known to singe their bangs while taking pizza out of the oven!

How to Care for Your Wig

STEP 1 Gently brush the wig or hairpiece to remove teasing or tangles.

STEP 2 Add one teaspoon of shampoo to two quarts of cold-never hot-water. You can use special wig shampoo or regular shampoo.

STEP 3 Soak 3-5 minutes, then gently swish up and down. Do not rub.

STEP 4 Rinse thoroughly in cold water.

STEP 5 Pat out excess water with a soft towel. Do not squeeze or twist. Do not brush or comb until completely dry.

STEP 6 Allow the wig or hairpiece to dry at room temperature by draping it over a slender canister to allow air circulation. Never put a wig on a solid head stand or block, as that will stretch the cap.

STEP 7 When the wig is completely dry, it is ready to brush or comb. No setting is necessary because its preset body will bounce back to its original shape.

STEP 8 Do not use a hair dryer, a blow dryer, or a curling iron. Avoid excess heat. Sudden bursts of heat-such as opening an oven door-can damage your wig.

Wig supplies

You can wash a wig with either wig shampoo or regular shampoo. Sally’s Beauty Supply has shampoo and special nets. They’re located on 740 South Meadow St. The number is (607) 266-0982.